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20th Anniversary Meeting

MC of the Special Meeting: TM M.K.

Guest Greeter: TM A.M.

We welcomed 15 guests, some of them are old members of our club, to celebrate our club. The meeting consisted of 6 sessions online.

The 1st session was an award session. TM Y.T. announced members who served roles the most time in 5 years, members who won each award in 5 years, and a member who served officers role the most.

The 2nd session was a guest speech session. 3 guests gave a speech related to leadership, Toastmasters history, and COVID.

The 3rd session was a pop quiz session by TM J.M.. Members broke up into groups and challenged questions as a group work. Questions were very tough to answer personally.

The 4th session was actually a song performance by a past member D. Some of you may think "song for Toastmasters meeting?" but actually created a very cozy atmosphere.

The 5th session was about memorable speeches organized by TM C.W.. 3 speakers introduced speeches that inspired him or herself. Many members are inspired by great speeches especially when they started to join the club.

The last session was a secret session organized by TM S.M.. Some past presidents introduced what past presidents missed doing, a very interesting question to ask.

From above sessions members were able to reach some of old memories in the past years. It is nice to reflect on the past once in a while.

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