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2024 Club-Level International Speech Contest!

Online Club-Level International Speech Contest was held!

The first place at the 2024 Leadership TMC Club-Level International Speech Contest goes to...!!!

Yes, it was a very exciting moment!

21 participants, including 6 guests, joined!

Of course, two of the contest speakers did a fabulous job. Also, all the helpers! Contest Chair M.T took on this most important role for the first time!

Timers, Y.K. and M.S, also took on this role for the first time, and the tally counters, Z.K. and A.T. did the same. Isn’t it amazing?

It was a very successful contest.

Our 1stplace winner procced to the Area H2 contest on March 10th. All members will keep encouraging her to win in the Area H2 contest and Division H contest.

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