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Remembering your Ancestors in regular meeting with 1 prepared speakers on 13th August, 2022

Today's meeting theme was "My Ancestor".

Due to Obon holiday season, number of attending members was smaller, but we had 1 TM guest and 1 new guest, as well as an induction ceremony of a veteran toastmaster who joined us as his 2nd or 3rd membership. Instead of shaking hands, we put our fists on the screen to show our welcoming our newest member.

During Table Topic session, questions related to Obon and Ancestors were asked. For example,

"Memory of family's getting together during the Obon season", "Memory of Bon Dances", "about Family Crest" etc. Best Topic speaker spoke about "What do you want to ask your descendant."

We had only 1 prepared speaker today, who talked about palmistry. He believed that he was saved from an accident due to his palmistry when he fell asleep while driving a car in a freeway in California, U.S.

During the business session, our club's treasurer reported about our donation to EasySpeak. The donation amount was decided in USD, but there was a modest surprise to some of the experienced members when we heard about the donation amount converted to JPY because of the weakening JPY against USD.

Best Table Topic Speaker: TM B.A.

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