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Regular Hybrid meeting with two Speakers on June 23, 2023

The meeting promptly started on time by President, M.K.We have altogether 7 guests to welcome! It was a long time that we didn’t welcome guest this much.- 3 are first-time guests- 2 are regular visitors- 2 special guest: Area director and Division K speech contest champion Area director conducted the next term officer installation ceremony.

“Gratitude” was chosen by TMoM N.I. as the meeting theme of the day because today is the last day of the current officers will serve their roles and the new officers will take turn. TM B.J. introduced the word of the day “Extolment” and “Panegyric". Educational sessionTable Topic SessionTM Y.S. conducted the Table Topic Session for the first time.- Whom would you like to convey gratitude for?- How would you express your gratitude to 3-year-old child?- What is the happiest gratitude expression? Prepared speech sessionThe first prepared speaker, TM M.K. expressed her experience of club presidency as her treasure to hand it to the next president. The second prepared speaker who was 2023 Division K International Speech Contest champion. TM K.N. redelivered her winning speech. The speech inspired us to make critical responsive decision between life and others. Evaluation sessionFor TM M.K., TM. H.Y. has started joking before evaluation and given feedback to the speaker. He ended with his determination to make pebble and stones into gems.For TM K.N., TM M.T. extolled TM K.N. and emphasize the importance of international contest speech to inspire the audience.

The meeting was reviewed by a short quiz session conducted by TM. S.N,

Best Table Topics Speaker: To-be-member C.T.

Best Evaluator: TM M.T.

Here comes the end of 2022-2023 term officers. From the next meeting, the new officers will be in charge. Next regular meeting will be on 7/8.

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