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Our 500th meeting with 7 Speakers 2 Music perfumers and 2 Video Messages on 25th of February, 2023

Thanks to the profound preparation and coordination by our President, 500th Committee Master and ideas/supports from Committee members, our memorable 500th meeting was launched smoothly.

We had 11 guests who participated via online and video messages.

DTM M.S. presented his charming anecdote of umbrella for his cultural difference experience. M.S. looked very healthy and happy!! His laid-back warm atmosphere brought all of us smiles. DTM S.K. presented strongly uplifting messages about leadership. Area Director C.K. presented her warm sincere congratulations. Former President T.N. shared his warm candid memories with Leadership Toastmasters. We all look forward to his humorous speech again! TM K.A. presented her love through her beautiful Piano performance. First video message from 92-year-old DTM H.K. was 12 secs short yet very powerful. We, all the members were so impressed.

Another video message from another Former President Y.M. was touching and healing. We learnt how LTMC experience influenced his career choice, and we smiled by watching how he is doing currently. TM D.V.G. soothed us with his original songs and acoustic guitar performance. The sound of his guitar and lyrics healed us. Our TMOM N.I. introduced each speaker with his personal and heart felt memories and his short feedback after each speech served the meeting with friendly mood.

Three speakers provided with sincere and powerful message, which reminded audience that it is ok not to be perfect but what is Toastmasters for, and continuing itself piles up a power.

Fun session “Tell us about yourself” came next. Another MC TM M.T. for the session provided good example and lead the session very smoothly with support of the break room IT support by TM S.M. We chose the “Best Liar!!” among the all the participants. By introducing three statements about each self-introduction, one lie is embedded. The person who is witfully embedded a lie was voted and won the third, second and the first prize.

As the meeting was filled with lots of fun moments and insightful messages, our conversation flourished in two hours and we could not end at the 12:00 as planned, but all the participants looked happy and were smiling with joy.

The 500th meeting completed with really fruitful atmosphere with fond faces and nice guests, yet we still miss some who could not see at the venue, but our hearts are with all of the members and guests who crossed by through 500 meetings with Leadership Toastmasters Club activities.

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