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3rd Joint meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan TMC and Leadership TMC

3rd Joint meeting of Tokyo Metropolitan TMC and Leadership TMC

TM S K of Tokyo Metropolitan TMC (TMTMC) kindly open the meeting.

Guest Greeting

We have both online and on-site guests. We let the guests introduced themselves.

Toastmaster of the morning

TM H H (TMTMC) greeted everyone energetically. She asked for the procedure to greet instead of direct handshaking and decided we will air handshaking to prevent infection.

Word of the morning: TM M K (LTMC)

Intriguing = Fascinating, something that is interesting because it is strange, mysterious, or unexpected and makes you want to know more.

In TMTMC, when someone use Word of the morning, the members will knock the tables

Timer: TM T H (LTMC)

Vote Counter: TM M M (TMTMC)

Um-Ah counter: TM Y T (LTMC)

Grammarian: TM N I (LTMC)

Guest Master: TM T K (TMTMC)

Good & News: TM K K (TMTMC)

This is also a special session in TMTMC. The speakers will share good or new things within 24 hours (Up to one week) and speak in 15 seconds.

Prepared speeches

TM A I (TMTMC): “The World inside Your Computer” : Motivational Strategies #3-6 (Effective Visual Aids)

She talked about good things for this period. She could join online TMC meeting all over the world. For example, in US they have dancing and karaoke competition. In SG they held very difficult table topics question, using famous quotes. Every club has the same basic structure, but have several unique sessions. She has joined numerous TMC over past period.

TM E K (LTMC): “The last supper” : Leadership Development #1-4 Researching and presenting

He talked about his friend and the famous food in Akita prefecture. And he led us to the topic of the last supper. When he thought about his last supper, he would like a Japanese food. In the famous picture of The Last Supper, the Jesus has just simple food. He proposed his idea for his last supper. Sea urchin and oysters from famous sources, as well as famous pickles to eat with the best rice from Akita.

TM Y K (TMTMC): “Living in a Changing World”: Presentation Mastery #1-1 – Icebreaker

She talked about her experience to come to know about Toastmaster community. In her new job, she was assigned to start training. The training made the audience falling asleep. She realized she needed to do something. She joined TMC and started her life of speech topic collector. She aimed to include humor in her speeches more. The most important mindset is to have an happy ending of the speech. That’s how to live in a changing world.

TM T N (LTMC): “Drinking, for your better life”: Presentation Mastery #3-1- Persuasive Speaking

He opened the speech with drinking beer to reward his hard working days. He has angel and devil in his mind to fight over his drinking. He changed his drinking habits from 2 years ago, drinking beer to drinking tea. He mentioned 3 reasons to drink tea. First, drinking tea is healthy. This is because it does not contain toxic substances. Second, tea is much cheaper than beer. He used to drink beer spending 3,000 yen/week, but for tea, he spent only one coin (500 yen) to buy tea bags. Third, tea is also tasty. It’s the same reason he drank beer because of its taste. Drinking delicious tea is also a good way to have a sound and quality sleep. He recommended chamomile tea. After drinking tea, his angel and devil are getting along well. He has a peaceful time.

Table Topic Master: TM H A (TMTMC)

Here are his questions. That our respondents answered.

What kind of working style do you prefer?

Who would you like in person the most?

If you can be a leader of an organization, what kind of leader would you like to be?

If you have a super computer, Fukaku, in your hand, what problem would you like to solve?

Snack master: TM D M (TMTMC) has prepared snacks for refreshment during the break. He has special nutto (Japanese fermented beans) snacks. Unfortunately, the online participants could not join us.

General evaluator: TM O M (LTMC) opened the meeting by expressing his gratitude to joining the meeting on-site.

1st evaluator: TM N S (LTMC) evaluated TM A I.

2nd evaluator: TM Y M (TMTMC) evaluated TM E K.

3rd evaluator: TM J M (LTMC) evaluated TM Y K.

4th evaluator: TM T T (TMTMC) evaluated TM T M.

Finally, we had TM C W (LTMC) closed the meeting warmly.

We really had a good time at the joint meeting.

We, LTMC, has learned the different culture and dedication of TMTMC to conduct the hybrid meeting.

We look forward to the next joint meeting next year!

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